Beating People the Xingyi Way


“Taiji doesn’t leave home for ten years, Xingyi beats people to death in one year.”

In order to develop properly one must follow the training plan, proceeding step by step without trying to rush through things. After all, “it can’t be forced,” as the body has to naturally grow to accommodate the demands of the practice. You have to build up “a Xingyi Body” if you want to gain the full benefit of Xingyiquan. Whatever the style you’ve chosen is, proceed in an orderly fashion & your training will return maximum benefit to you. Furthermore, the direct nature of Xingyiquan is exemplified by its training methodology as much as by its tactics & preference of techniques. By focusing on building efficient mechanics from the very start, Xingyiquan places practioners in a position to develop quickly. The speed of Xingyiquan is in more than just the fists! As the saying goes: “Boxing is like taking a Walk; Hitting People is like Pulling up Grass.”


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