Theory of Baguazhang 


八卦掌十六字訣/Baguazhang Liu Shi Zi Jue – Baguazhang’s Sixteen Character Secret 


推托帶領, 搬扣劈進

穿閃截攔, 粘黏連隨

•推 Tui/Push

•托 Tuo/Lift

•帶 Dai/Carry

•領 Ling/Lead

•搬 Ban/Move

•扣 Kou/Capture

•劈 Pi/Chop

•進 Jin/Enter, Advance

•穿 Chuan/Penetrate

•閃 Shan/Dodge

•截 Jie/Intercept

•攔 Lan/Block

•粘 Zhan/Stick

•黏 Nian/Adhere

•連 Lian/Link

•隨 Sui/Follow


穿搬截拦, 拧翻走转

推托帶領, 缠扣刁钻

•穿 Chuan/Penetrate

•搬 Ban/Move

•截 Jie/Intercept

•拦 Lan/Block

•拧 Ning/Twist

•翻 Fān/Overturn

•走 Zou/Walk

•转 Zhuan/Turn

•推 Tui/Push

•托 Tuo/Lift

•带 Dai/Carry

•领 Ling/Lead

•缠 Chan/Coil

•扣 Kou/Capture

•刁 Diao/Hook

•钻 Zuan/Drill

八卦掌歌/Baguazhang Jue – Song of Baguazhang 



In Eight Diagram Palm, “Walking,” is first. Collect “Strength,” and release it immediately, “Remove,” yourself and return an attack immediately, “Turning,” with random steps to change the situation.



Walking as quickly as the wind, stopping as if nailed in place, Hooking clearly displays Turning-Changing Footwork. Your waist is the Banner, your Qi is the Flag, your eyes watch the “Six Paths,” while your hands and feet always arrive first.



Moving like a Dragon, and sitting like a Tiger, “Movement,” resembles a great river, and “Stillness,” resembles a mountain. In “Yin Yang Hands,” when “Reversing Upper and Lower,” sink the shoulder and drop the elbow to return the Qi to the abdomen.



Embracing the “Six Harmonies,” and avoiding sloppy practice, the Qi naturally fills the body. By carefully practicing “Hooking and Swinging Steps,” the transformation of “Advance and Retreat,” becomes controlled by the waist.



The legs issue 70% of your Strength, the hands issue 30%, they must both Advance simultaneously, neither can be slow or late. The thighs strike while Walking, the shoulders’ strike “Collides,” moving the body in close to “Bump,” hides a Knee Thrust.



Don’t guard the Upper, don’t block the Lower, just “face the wind,” “Connecting and Entering,” are of vital importance. Analyzing the mysterious secrets of the Palm is useless without the genuine achievement of practice.

Turning Palm’s Basic Points

When beginning the study of any topic, one must be sure to follow the correct procedures in order to build as firm a foundation as possible. This will ensure a relatively smooth develop of strengths & skills later in the course of training. Baguazhang is no different. Here, you’ll find a dedicated home for some of the most important basic ideas to keep in mind when you learn to Walk the Circle.