Essential Points of Turning Palm

Many Styles of Martial Arts are known for a distinctive Technique, a unique weapon, or a special Training Method. Baguazhang has all three of these in spades. Here, you’ll find an assortment of mnemonics, checklists, & fine points intended to help you improve the quality of your Turning Palm.

轉掌十二分練法/Zhuan Zhang Shi’er Fen Lian Fa – Turning Palm Twelve Points on The Practice Method




•滾/Gun – Roll

•鑽/Zuan – Drill

•掙/Zheng – Struggle

•裹/Guo – Wrap

•拧/Ning – Twist

•旋/Xuān – Whirl

•走/Zou – Walk

•转/Zhuan – Turn

•起/Qi – Rise

•落/Luo – Fall

•掰/Bai – Swing

•扣/Kou – Hook

Baguazhang’s Three Character Classic

Here’s a simple formula for remembering the key points of posture & movement you’ll need to perfect your Turning Palm, presented in a convenient traditional format.

The Song of Turning Palm

This is a key text for understanding some of the finer points of practice. It also lays out some of the reasoning behind claims that Turning Palm is both the most basic of Basic Training Methods & the pinnacle of Baguazhang’s achievements in fireman of advancing the Theory of Martial Arts. You must spend time understanding this!