形意說/Xingyi Shuo – Xingyi Theory


What is “Form?” It is the physical form. What is “Idea?” It is the mind‘s intention.


Of the Ten Thousand Things, human’s have “Ling,” which is able to feel & communicate with everything, responding naturally. This is by means of the mind within understanding surrounding objects. Though the objects are external, the understanding is in the mind.

意者,心之所發也 ; 是故心意成於中,而萬事形於外,內外相感,不外一氣之流行。

What is thought? It originates in the mind. Therefore, when both mind & thought are fixed internally, the ten thousand things appear externally. That the internal & external affect each other is nothing but the flowing of the One Qi.

故達磨祖師本之,而創是拳,其旨在養氣,在益力,動作簡而功用無窮,故名之曰〝形意拳“ 也。

Therefore, the ancestral teacher Da Mo, using this as the basis, created this style. His purpose was to nourish qi while increasing strength. Its movements are simple, but its functions are endless. Therefore, its name is “Xing Yi Quan.”

八字诀/Ba Zi Jue – Eight Word Song



Ding, Kou, Yuan, Min,
Bao, Qu, Chui, Ting

形意拳八要/Xingyiquan Ba Yao – Xingyiquan’s Eight Essentials

八要者何? 一. 內心要提 ; 二. 三心要并 ; 三. 三意要連 ; 四. 五行要順 ; 五. 四梢要齊 ; 六. 心要暇 ; 七.三尖要對 ; 八. 眼要毒也。

What are the “Eight Essentials?”

1. Internally, the Center must rise.

2. The Three Centers must merge.

3. The Three Intentions must link.

4. The Five Phases must be smooth.

5. The Four Tips must be even.

6. The Xin must be relaxed.

7. The Three Tips must match.

8. The Eyes must be poisonous.

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