•寸 Cùn/Inch
•踏 Tà/Tread
•鑽 Zuān/Drill
•接 Jiē/Receive
•來 Lái/Come
•合 Hé/Combine
•儆 Jing/Warn
•方 Fāng/Square
•過 Guò/Pass
•踦 Ji/Shin
•起落 Qi Luo/Rise & Fall
•進退 Jin Tui/Advance & Retreat
•陰陽 Yin Yang
•五行 Wu Xing/Five Phases
•動靜 Dong Jing/Movement & Stillness
•虛實 Xú Shi/Empty & Solid

•寸 Cùn/Inch: refers to the footwork. The lead foot Advances, the rear foot Follows. It is said that both legs together are one leg.

•踏 Tà/Tread: refers to the falling of the steps. The foot falls flat, rising evenly & falling naturally. The rear foot falls to the ground & the front foot also rises. Alternate naturally, training Drilling, Stomping, Treading, & Stamping Legs.

•鑽 Zuān/Drill: The hand & body drill outward together. The outgoing foot, elbow & toes lift & overturn. The song says, “No Overturn, no Drill. No Drill, no Overturn. Overturn is Drill, Drill is Overturn: one motion.”

•接 Jiē/Receive: refers to binding the upper & lower body into one. The hips & legs receive the weight of the upper body. When directed by the waist, the body becomes a single unit.

•來 Lái/Come: Move with the Scissor Legs motion. The inner thighs, knees, & inside of the advancing foot brush as you move forward.

•合 Hé/Combine: Recognize the Six Combinations. Externally, the hands & feet combine, the elbows & knees combine, & the shoulders & hips combine. Internally, the Xīn combines with the Yi, the Yi combines with the Qi, & the Qi combines with the Li. But, really, the Six Combinations means everything combined into a single unit.

•儆 Jing/Warn: refers to expressing the fighting spirit & intention to win through the eyes. The enemy is influenced, & one can examine his nature. “Be vicious, like poison.”

•方 Fāng/Square: refers to correct, upright posture. Square means Straight. “From the front it looks slanted, from the side it looks straight.”

•過 Guò/Pass: refers to maintaining contact & lively resistance in the limbs when solo training. Pay attention to the Scissor Legs in the steps, & the Filing in Tearing Hands. The hands rub each other in passing, the elbows rub the ribs in passing, & the thighs rub at the knees in passing.

•踦 Ji/Shin: Attention must be paid to the shin in movement. The song says, “Must have the knee & shin together.” The knee & shin must work together. In speaking of Advancing & Retreating stepping, both feet are not opened to a large degree. The main point of this Fist is that the perineum is lifted up. Both knees & thighs advance quickly. When both feet are horizontally open, then when you raise the perineum, the Jing is equal everywhere.

•起落 Qi Luo/Rise & Fall: To Rise is to go out, to Fall is to strike. Rising is striking, Falling is also striking. Rising & Falling is like the overturning of waves.

•進退 Jin Tui/Advance & Retreat: Advance Step is low, Retreat Step is high. If you need to Advance, then advance. If you need to Retreat, then retreat. The song says, “‘Advance low, Retreat high’ is the true transmission.” If Advance & Retreat aren’t understood then you practice Martial Arts in vain.

•陰陽 Yin Yang: Look at Yin, it contains Yang. Look at Yang, it contains Yin. They are mutually dependent, they are mutually rooted. Yin & Yang are emphasized when discussing the contradictory movements inside of things.

•五行 Wu Xing/Five Phases: You must harmonize the Five Phases. The Internal Five Phases are the Five Zang & Six Fu organs. The External Five Phases are the Five Fists. The emphasis of Five Phases Theory is the mutually interconnected nature of all things. Yin & Yang cannot be cut open, the five types of Qi dominate at different times.

•動靜 Dong Jing/Movement & Stillness: Stillness makes the root, movement makes the function. With stillness, the use is not revealed. With movement, no trace is left. “Movement & Stillness,” means considering the relationship between issuing & not-issuing: “movement with no non-movement, stillness with no non-stillness.”

•虛實 Xú Shi/Empty & Full: Emptiness is “Jing/Essence,” Fullness is “Ling/Spiritual Force.” Jing & Ling together are completely Emptiness & Fullness. The Quanpu says, “Jing nourishes Ling.” The root Qi nourishes the Shen/Spirit. With training, one will begin to get the “Golden Elixir.” Empty & Full should be separated & understood clearly. The hands & feet have Empty & Full. The Three Sections & Nine Openings have Empty & Full. When practicing Martial Arts, the hands & feet have the qualities of being Empty & Full.

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