Kung Fu Discussion Group, Episode 6: The Importance of Anatomical Targets

Episode 6 focuses on perhaps the most critical, yet neglected, area of Martial Arts: Anatomical Targets. Join e-Dad Number 1 Uncle Sickness, the Metaphysical Polemarch YogaMidnight, & Maeko the Human Calamity as they relentlessly hammer home the importance of Anatomy to Martial Arts, the benefits to learning Qin Na, the staggering reverse-talent of The “Man” Called “Tubs”, how Aikido has degenerated into people in pajamas, & the surprising weak points of the Human body that can only be revealed by combining intense training with knowledge of Anatomy. You’ll also hear a stories such as how young Maeko’s talent reveled itself while sparring, Uncle’s Forbidden Secret Techniques, & the most glorious representative attack of Boston: The Mush-Out. Don’t look away!!

What are your thoughts on this?

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