Kung Fu Discussion Group, Episode 7: Recovery Practice

A most vital topic is covered in this episode: Recovery Practice. Learn the open secret that separates those who advance in their training, quickly & continuously, from those who languish in mediocrity, crying & masturbating to corny Science Fiction TV series. Your Kung Fu Uncle, Akashic Psychonaut YogaMidnight, & Cackling Anti-Villain Maeko touch on the importance of sleep, the scope of Macrobiotic Hygiene, how small effort can have a huge return, & the role environmental and situational awareness play in maintaining your health. We also share the pathetic tale of a man compelled to misread all social cues: The “Man” Called “Tubs”! Look on the tears he cries himself to sleep with every night, & let the revulsion flow through you!!

What are your thoughts on this?

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