Image Training & Body Models Part 2

八卦掌之四特性/Baguazhang Zhi Si Texing – Baguazhang’s Four Characteristics:

龍形 – Dragon Shape: 走/Zou-Walking must be smooth, continuous, & circular, guided by the suppleness of the waist

猴相 – Monkey Appearance: 視/Shi-Watching must be active & engaged, constantly inspecting the Six Paths for any enemy approach

虎坐 – Tiger Sitting: 坐/Zuo-Sitting must be lively yet rooted, the thighs continuously rubbing during the walk

鷹翻 – Eagle Turning: 翻/Fan-Overturning must quick & agile, suddenly changing yet firmly decisive in execution

31 thoughts on “Image Training & Body Models Part 2

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