An Excerpt from Li Cunyi’s Five Phases Manual: 第二節: 變化/Di Er Jie: Bianhua – Section Two: Variations

第二節: 變化/Di Er Jie: Bianhua -Section Two: Variations

拳雖有五而寔有神妙之功用自其變化言之則。劈拳有六, 鑽炮横各有七, 崩拳有九, 共三十六套。以下分述之凡前所有者皆列每段之首。

Although there are only Five Fists, it is said that the spiritually subtlety is in the variations of the application skill. Pi Quan has six; Zuan, Pao, & Heng each have seven; Beng Quan has nine, for a total of thirty-six types. Therefore, the following list has the previous examples as the first of each section.

一 劈拳/Pi Quan

正步劈拳, 進步劈拳, 退步劈拳,

搖身劈拳, 轉身劈拳, 捋手劈拳。

Straight Step Pi Quan, Advance Step Pi Quan, Retreat Step Pi Quan, Shaking Body Pi Quan, Turning Body Pi Quan, Brushing Hand Pi Quan.

二 鑽拳/Zuan Quan

順步鑽拳, 進步鑽拳, 退步鑽拳,

搖身鑽拳, 轉身鑽拳, 拗步鑽拳,


Smooth Step Zuan Quan, Advance Step Zuan Quan, Retreat Step Zuan Quan, Shaking Body Zuan Quan, Turning Body Zuan Quan, Reverse Step Zuan Quan, Brushing Hand Zuan Quan.

三 崩拳/Beng Quan

左骽崩拳, 進步崩拳, 退步崩拳,

搖身崩拳, 轉身崩拳, 十字崩拳,

順勢崩拳, 右骽崩拳, 捋手崩拳。

Left Leg Beng Quan, Advance Step Beng Quan, Retreat Step Beng Quan, Shaking Body Beng Quan, Turning Body Beng Quan, Cross Pattern Beng Quan, Smooth Pattern Beng Quan, Right Leg Beng Quan, Brushing Hand Beng Quan.

四 炮拳/Pao Quan

拗步炮拳, 進步炮拳, 退步炮拳,

搖身炮拳, 轉身炮拳, 順步炮拳,


Reverse Step Pao Quan, Advance Step Pao Quan, Retreat Step Pao Quan, Shaking Body Pao Quan, Turning Body Pao Quan, Smooth Step Pao Quan, Brushing Hand Pao Quan.

五 横拳/Heng Quan

拗步横拳, 進步横拳, 退步横拳,

搖身横拳, 轉身横拳, 順步横拳,


Reverse Step Heng Quan, Advance Step Heng Quan, Retreat Step Heng Quan, Shaking Body Heng Quan, Turning Body Heng Quan, Smooth Step Heng Quan, Brushing Hand Heng Quan.


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