•This selection from the Old Xingyi Manual details the Old Three Fists, the fabled core of Xingyiquan’s parent style, Dai Family Xinyi Liuhe Quan. Enjoy!•

三拳像/San Quan Xiang – Appearance of the Three Fists

Drilling Fist, Wrapping Fist, & Treading Fist. Drilling Fist is like lightening, Wrapping Fist resembles a Tiger’s walk, & Treading Fist is like a rushing horse, interlocked together by the training of one Qi. 
三棍像/San Gun Xiang – Appearance of the Three Sticks


Peng Stick, Pounding Stick, & Reverse Back Stick. Peng Stick must be ferocious, Pounding Stick is like the movement of wind, & Reverse Back Stick is hateful as an arrow, wonder is truly hidden within. 


The Three Fists & Three Sticks are not ordinary, strictly seeking perfection is the proper method, acquire it, as if communicating with a Spiritual Residence, by training Martial Arts in youth. 

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