•This selection from the Old Xingyi Manual presents another arrangement of the Twelve Shapes, their Selected Ideas, & important points of the Practice Method to keep in mind. Enjoy!•


Dragon, Tiger, Monkey, Horse, Alligator, Chicken,

Eagle, Bear, Tai, Snake, Sparrow Hawk, Swallow.


Dragon has the method of searching bones, Tiger the bravery to pounce on food, Monkey has the ability to tread the mountains, Horse has the skill of marking with hooves, Alligator skillfully floats on water, Chicken has the bravery to seize the advantage & rush, Eagle has the skill to seize & catch, Bear has the power of an erect neck, Tai has the talent of erecting it’s tail, Snake has the skill of parting the grass, Sparrow Hawk has the refinement of entering the forest, Swallow has the nimbleness to draw water.


Bind the body & rise, Conceal the body & fall, rise like the wind & fall like an arrow, casually knock down a critic as payback, rise like an arrow & fall like the wind, chase the wind to catch the moon doesn’t slacken. Discussing Body Method, it cannot but be that the front plants & the rear faces up, the left inclines & the right leans, in moving forward extend in a straight line, in moving backwards return in a straight line. Discussing Stepping Method, Inch Step, Quick Step, & Treading Step cannot be deficient. Discussing Foot Method, raising the foot is drilling, lowering the foot is overturning, when neither drilling not overturning, then use it to inch ahead. The shoulders urge the elbows, the elbows urge the hands, the waist urges the Kua, the Kua urges the knees, the knees urge the feet, the shoulders urge the Kua, the Kua urges the knees, the knees urge the feet, the feet urge the shoulders, the shoulders urge the elbows, & elbows urge the hands.

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