A Good Wine Should be Shared

Let’s have a hearty welcome to our newest contributer, Old Rubber Legs, a.k.a. “The Dark Mantis Manager,” my Shidi from north of the Capitol! He’s a life long devotee of the martial arts who’s studied Southern & Northern Tanglangquan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, & Bafanshou. Currently, he’s learning the arts of Speaking, & Meditation, as well as refining the essentials of Martial Nei Gong. He’ll be contributing occasional posts, articles, & whatever else he feels you need to know. We meet regularly to train, spar, & discuss the theoretical side, so expect some collaborative efforts later in the year. Check him out at danceofthedarkmantis.wordpress.com when you need some motivation!


One thought on “A Good Wine Should be Shared

  1. Brothers and Sisters of the kung fu world, It’s with distinct pleasure that I make my first entry on WordPress. Those of you who’ve been following Uncle Sickness have been in good hands. Here, you will have the guarantee that, if you employ a humble heart and teachable mind, you will receive a quality education such that you will be able to handily defeat any opponent or group of opponents with relative ease. Likewise, if you make an honest effort to learn from what I will teach you, you will never have to feel afraid for your safety ever again.

    Here’s a little teaser from my blog (coming soon):

    “In the world of martial arts new students often make a critical mistake when it comes to the concept of stance training. They fail to see the value in it and therefore they forego this essential habit in favor of the more alluring kinesthetic features of their chosen style. I call stance training a habit because after even just a few weeks of doing it your mind and your body become so accustomed to the routine, especially after beginning to grasp the meditative aspects of it, that you find yourself unconsciously settling into stances whenever a free moment reveals itself. All things must be done in moderation, of course, so if you have “crossed over to the dark side” and have developed that taste for stance training just be sure pace yourself and also leave time for kinesthetic practice.”

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