Foolishness Friday

Foolishness Friday Film Favorites Fantastical Procrastination Viewing List Triple Shot : Villainous Kung Fu Sh*t Talk Edition!!!

Bored? Restless? Stuck at home, with nothing to do? Well, just follow my advice, & you’ll laugh your Qi awake in no time flat!! 

  1. Dance of the Drunk Mantis
  2. Fist of the White Lotus
  3. Tai Ji Master

Dance of the Drunk Mantis

The classic “follow up” to Drunken Master, & the inspiration for this blog, is loaded with jems. “It isn’t that he’s so good, it’s that you’re so AWFUL!”

Fist of the White Lotus

Almost everything that comes out of White Lotus’ mouth is dynamite. “You must be out of your mind to challenge me!” “Challenging me is like seeking death.” “I can handle all of you, WITHOUT using weapons.”

Tai Ji Master

While the truly villainous sort of smack talk is concentrated toward the end, the whole film centers on the foolishness laden friendship of two young monks. Qin Bao’s character arc covers the journey of development from punk to douche bag to psychopath. “They’re all two-faced, incompetent losers!!”


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