Tales from the Hall of Dark Truths, Episode 1: The Lemurian Timewar

Holy shit…

The Lemurian Timewar. Sounds cool, right? Kind of intriguing, like the title of a Doctor Who episode, back when Doctor Who was interesting.

In this first episode of our new series, examining paranormal & metaphysical mysteries, we dip into the cesspool that is the CCRU. The CCRU, or Cybernetic Culture Research Unit, were a collective of absolute scumbags who helped bring about the Clown World we’ve all been living in for the past 20+ years.

God, I hate these people.

Anyway, here’s the episode. Doc Casstles, YogaMidnight, Maeko, & your irrepressible Kung Fu Uncle give it their best as they tackle concepts like Hyperstition, & talk shit about almost everything else. Enjoy!

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