Every culture, every society, has its array of characters & personality types. In the World of Martial Arts, there are many unique characters. Heroes, Villains, Rouges, Monsters, Madmen, Vagabonds, Lay-abouts, Masters, & so many more. One of those types, a type especially popular in the context of Chinese Martial Arts, is known as a You Xia. Typically a lone, wandering hero, these people would right wrongs at their whim, enforcing an unusually individualistic type of justice through overwhelming Martial superiority, as they traveled the land. Here, I present the Virtues & Principles by which many lived their lives.

六德/Liu De – Six Virtues

•利他/Lita – Altruism
•正義/Zhengyi – Justice
•個性/Gexing – Individuality
•忠誠/Zhongcheng – Loyalty
•勇敢/Yonggan – Courage
•誠實/Chengshi – Honesty

八理/Ba Li – Eight Principles

•特立獨行/Teli Duxing – Be Unconventional
•優等武藝/Youdeng Wuyi – Superior Martial Skills
•信守諾言/Xinshou Nuoyan – Keep Promises
•捍衛弱者/Hanwei Ruozhe – Protect Weaklings
•無視財富/Wushi Caifu – Disregard Wealth
•追逐榮譽/Zhuizhu Rongyu – Pursue Honor
•償還恩惠/Changhuan Enhui – Repaying Favor
•尋求復仇/Xunqiu Fuchou – Seeking Revenge

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