What’s in store for 2019

Hello out there, it’s your Uncle Sickness here! I hope you had a good holiday season & enjoyable New Year. this is just a quick post to let you know what I have in store for this year.

  • More Essays – I’ll be writing & posting more content laying out my personal ideas on a variety of subjects.
  • Less Translation – While I will continue to translate Theoretical documents & articles, there will be less of that sort of content, mostly because I’ve exhausted the material I’m most familiar with. Taijiquan Theory is still a mostly untapped resource in this regard, though. You can expect to see more of that this year.
  • Guess Posts – Now that your Kung Fu Uncle has established the tone around here, it’s time to start sharing the space. This year will see some guest posts from friends of mine, such as my Baguazhang Disciple Maeko, my first Xingyiquan Student YogaMidnight. They’re both solid guys, & I’m sure you’ll like what they’ve got in store for you.
  • Videos – Yes, videos. Xingyi & Bagua related stuff mostly, but you never know what will show up. I’ve learned so many Styles, forgive me! Seriously though, I’m finally healthy enough to start rebuilding my Kung Fu by seriously training again. I’d like to share the journey with you.
  • Books – The publishing output is going to be increasing. My translation/compilation of the Xingyiquan Manual & Baguazhang manual have both finished. Those will be available this Spring, as will a complete English translation of my favorite Daoist Meditation method, the Zuowang Lun. Later in the year will see the release of my most ambitious project yet: an English translation of Cui Shoushan’s famous Tanglangquan Manual. Bits & pieces have appeared in translation for years, but this is going to be the first & only complete English translation of a certified classic of Mantis Boxing. Pre-orders are open on all of these projects now.

And there it is. Until next time! BUILD UP YOUR KUNG FU!!


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