A Quick Update about the Recent lack of Updates

Hello, out there! Uncle Sickness here. I wanted to say a bit about the sporadic posting here of late. I chose the name “Uncle Sickness” because of a chronic medical condition I have, namely Crohn’s Disease. As I have “the Devil’s Own Luck,” my case is relatively mild when compared to the average. My Large Intestine is the area that’s affected, & I do have an ostomy as a result. The only things that really trigger flare ups, aside from a very small number of foods, are big, sudden weather changes. Normally, that would only happen due to the changes in humidity & pressure in Summer, but this Winter has been… unusual here in Boston, Massachusetts. As a result my translation work has slowed down to crawl, & the surprises I’ve been planning are all delayed until either my guts or the weather stabilize. I will do my best to return to a more regular schedule soon. Thank you for your time & visits!


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