Foolishness Friday Film Favorites

Marriage… With a side of BEEF Edition!!!!!!

“We Chinese like to mix it up!”

Today I’m very pleased to mention one of my personal favorites, Heroes of the East, also known as Shaolin Challenges Ninja, starring the Master Killer himself. Gordon Liu plays a young man about to enter into an arranged marriage with the daughter of his father’s Japanese business partner. The couple get on well at first, but the Mrs quickly shows an unhealthy chauvinism regarding Chinese culture, in general, & martial arts, in particular. This classic is loaded with heavy handed condescension from almost every character, & the infantile reasoning of the young couple, as to why the only acceptable way is THEIR way, are pretty comical. Especially considering that fights break out with increasing regularity & escalating aggression from both parties. A wide assortment of both Chinese & Japanese styles are accurately represented here, making this a must see for lovers of “pure martial arts cinema.” When the teacher if the young Mrs finds out about marital martial discord, things take a turn for the awesome. The challenges flow like wine, & all parties gain an opportunity to grow. Don’t look away!!


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