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The Aion Media Team

The core of Aion Media

Aion Media – (@aionmediaco)
YouTube: Aion Media
Podcast: The Aionosphere

Garrett Dailey – (@Libera_Rex)
Blog: MasterSelf

Chance Lunceford – (@logocentrifuge)
Blog: Logocentrifugal
Podcast: Logocentrifugal Podcast

James P. Dowling – (@jamespdowling)
YouTube: James P Dowling
Podcast: Invicta Cast

Benjamin George – (@benjamingjw)
Blog: BenjaminGJW.com

Ryan Felman – (@pathtomanliness)
Blog: Path To Manliness
Podcast: The Path To Manliness Podcast

Associates of the Aion 

These are writers, artists, thinkers, & content creators associated with Aion Media that you owe it to yourself to check out. Follow their work & reap the benefits.

Noble Brown – (@sociopathlete / @noblebooks)
Blog: Sociopathletic
YouTube: Sociopathletic LLC

Victor Valentine – (@subtlebodhi)
Blog: Victor The Valentine

Thomas J. Bevan – (@thomasjbevan1)
Blog: Thomas J. Bevan

Jason Snyder – (@cognazor)
Podcast: Both And

Alli Covington, M.A. – (@allicovington)
Websites: Elite Financial Services Group & BOD Company

Noor D Bawarish – (@anAPEXmale)
Website: The Apex Manifesto

John Kelly – (@johnforestkelly)
Website: The Book of Thot

Cake In A Crisis – (@Cakeinacrisis_)
Website: Cake In A Crisis