Books from Your Kung Fu Uncle


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The Thirty-Six Stratagems

The Thirty-Six Stratagems is a short introduction to the basic Concepts of Chinese Strategy. The original text is very concise, consisting of thirty-six aphorisms with short descriptions & an analysis. The vast majority of the available English language translations are actually paraphrases intended to better suit the main selling point of the authors. In contrast, this is a direct translation of the complete original text without any of the usual filler. Be sure to include an email address to receive your purchase.


A Brief Introduction to Meditation

Meditation is well known for its immense health benefits, both physically & mentally. In this short eBook, the basic Methods for the Training of Breath Meditation are presented. These Methods are simple, straightforward, & very clear. They can be learned very easily & are suitable for everyone, young & old alike. Furthermore, the Methods presented build a strong foundation for learning more advanced types of Meditation, Qigong, & Martial Neigong. Let your Kung Fu Uncle show you the way of proper breathing with A Brief Introduction to Meditation.


Liu Dekuan’s Baguazhang Straight Line Sixty-Four Hands: You can pick up your copy here. This is the ever popular “free” version. I’ll be releasing an expanded version in the Spring of 2020.

The Zuowang Lun: The Daoist Meditation method of Zhuangzi: Coming in March 2020. You can pick up your copy here.

Like Fire Burning the Body: The Xingyiquan Manual: Coming in February 2020. You can pick up your copy here.

Discussion From The Mountain Peaks: The Baguazhang Manual: Coming in February 2020. You can pick up your copy here.

If They Ask You, Say…: The Tanglangquan Manual: Coming in 2020. You can pick up your copy here.