Liu Dekuan was a famed martial artist born in Cangzhou, Hebei Province during the late Qing Dynasty. Liu was famous for his skill in a range of styles, such as Yue Shi San Shou/岳氏散手, Liu He Quan/六合拳, & the Big Spear. After learning the Internal Styles Liu created a set of straight line exercises for Baguazhang to teach & train the applications.  The 64 Hands incorporate elements of many martial arts, augmenting & enriching the contents of Baguazhang. Please, enjoy this first part of several, which lays out the 26 Keywords of Liu’s Straight Line Bagua 64 Hands!

推托帶領, 搬扣劈進

穿閃截攔, 擰翻走轉

挑打摔擒拿, 掏捋撕纏掰

•推 Tui/Push

•托 Tuo/Lift

•帶 Dai/Carry

•領 Ling/Lead

•搬 Ban/Move

•扣 Kou/Capture

•劈 Pi/Chop

•進 Jin/Enter, Advance

•穿 Chuan/Penetrate

•閃 Shan/Dodge

•截 Jie/Intercept

•攔 Lan/Block

•擰 Ning/Twist

•翻 Fān/Overturn

•走 Zou/Walk

•轉 Zhuan/Turn

•挑 Tiao/Raise

•打 Da/Strike

•摔 Shuai/Throw

•擒 Qin/Seize

•拿 Na/Control

•掏 Tao/Pull

•捋 Lú/Brush

•撕 Sī/Tear

•纏 Chan/Coil

•擺 Bai/Break

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