Baguazhang’s gong fu uses Walking & Turning as the foundation, a Whole Body equipped with Three Shapes, its Method could be described in its entirety as Dragon, Monkey, & Eagle: Walking is like a Dragon, Returning Body is like a Monkey, Changing Forms is like an Eagle. Mud Wading Steps with Scissor Legs, settled as if sitting in a sedan chair. 



Stretching the surface of the foot straight belongs to Kick, Forward Kicking the rear kidneys is proper, Forward Kick towards the crotch is Scoop the Yin Leg, the rear kidneys’ rising opens the backbone. 



Left & Right double conceal the ribs, the Kick Character’s usage seeks to chase quietly, Lower Kick Scoop the Yin & rear kidneys, Following Form comes to find out faults. 



Left & Right both cheeks & the two armpits, Following the Chance to Change the Application Method is sensitive, when using the Leg Stamping Method it’s important to be cautious, Left or Right both legs’ Application Method is the same. 



When the toes face toward the outside it’s called Stamping, the Intercepting Leg Stamping Method must seek the knee, the leg & knee to the outside is surely able to Stamp, using Left Big & Right Small on the urinary bladder is appropriate. 



Left Big wants to Stamp the large intestine’s location, Right Small wants to take the small intestine, if Big & Small both intestines can’t be Stamped just step up, in that case Follow the form at once to take the urinary bladder. 



In the three forms of Trampling Foot the body must Follow, Toes Inside Hooking Trample for the sake of it, Hooking Step Turn the Waist’s Body Method is quick, Overturning Body Trampling Foot is this principle.  



Forward Trample seeks the chest, abdomen, & navel, Backward Trample both kidneys & the backbone, left & right both ribs & both armpits, on the lower body the two kua & both knees. 



Upper & Lower, Left & Right seek to arrive at evenness, Trampling Foot’s Application Method is subtle & miraculous, Trampling Foot issues power from the foot’s center, the soles of the feet closely follow each other using the centers. 



Throw the body up & Stomp both Huagai, drop below following up with a Point to Jiangtai, left & right Jiangtai targets the Qi Kan, Qi Kan follows, then the stomach & abdomen follow. 



It can also be applied to the Right Liver & Left Spleen, Behind the Body & Turning Body Stomp the Kidneys is ok, exert yourself when Stomping both kidneys & both buttocks, it can fix it so the other side falls flat on their face. 



To apply the Treading Foot Method is wonderful, the Treading Method uses the heel’s strength, the heel’s Jin is uncommon, the large tendon on the heel of the foot connects to the spine & head. 



The whole body issues strength through the bones & tendons, seek the heel’s Treading strength here, Forward Tread the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, & kidneys, Backward Tread the liver, kidneys, & the Si Yu gap. 



Forward or backward if you have the opportunity then Tread a bit, one then his body collapses two then he’ll suffer injury, whether grasping sharp blades or using bare hands, I don’t avoid the difficulty but advance the body with the waist. 



To use Kick, Tread, Stomp, Stamp, & Spring, Advance Step Attach the body & apply the Swinging Lotus, people say make use of the maneuvers like a pickpocket, mysterious subtlety exists herein. 



The Mandarin Duck Leg Method is unsuitable if slow, the front foot misses the target but the rear foot is true, front or back, left or right, the maneuvers are all the same, subtlety is hidden within the maneuvers of empty & solid. 



The front foot has yet to fall as the rear foot rises, this is the principle of Two Rising Legs, other people first kick than excessively dodge, my feet soon after follow each other close at hand. 



Others think dodging isn’t easy, the Body Method must be quick to understand this method of use, first you must follow the body’s downward movement, second is to lift the body & hang while rising. 



Overthrow his fame with Sorceress Lies on the Silk Couch, there is subtlety hidden within Blunt Sickle Mows the Valley, contain him with Advance the Body Hooking Hanging Stomp, Black Dragon Coils the Pillar Dots the chest with the knee.  



Allowing yourself to be picked up is Attaching the Stele, apply this Escape Method to dodge according to the opportunity, when his foot Kicks air I drop to the ground, Lying Ox Extends its Hoof horizontally Stomps his navel. 



Baguazhang’s Method is aided by the Nine Palaces, it’s a miraculous display when the foot replaces the palm in application, although Bagua uses Qian & Kun Steps, the feet should comply with the Kan & Li Application Methods when suitable.  



In the Palm Applications method of use Qian & Kun are set, Kan & Li Entering maneuvers use the foot to strike, in Applications the foot issues maneuvers aided by the Body Method, the left & right put on display & transmitted, move & grasp the opportunity. 



Entering maneuvers & Escaping forms cannot be relaxed, the Application Method displays wonderful achievement, the Sweeping Hanging Leg Method has been transmitted from time immemorial, the tip of the foot hooks & Sweeping draws a true circle. 



When there are many people all around, Horizontally Sweeping One Thousand Soldiers s neither costly nor difficult, the masses say Bagua doesn’t have legs, in fact this saying is nonsense. 



Legs are extremely numerous in the Bagua School, Seventy Two Forms are hidden within, Baguazhang’s Method is circles within circles, Sweeping Hanging’s Method is circles within circles.  



There are people who have mastered these Leg Methods, if you want to be a match for them it will be difficulty upon difficulty, Master Dong passed on the art for ten years, orally transmitting the profound art of Application. 



It is an uncommon skill that should not be transmitted lightly, it is a mistake to pass it on to someone implicated in trouble, people only know of the Palms within the Palms, they’re unaware of the secret legs concealed within. 



Others then set about paying attention to the Palms, I don’t issue my Palms instead using my feet to injure, even if you talk about perfecting the art don’t dread spending the time, be vigilant & keep at it until you arrive at consummate skill.  



If by any chance you happen upon a serious enemy, then use these methods to contain & injure him, the ancients had the saying Southern Fists & Northern Legs, take advantage of this article while minutely exploring it. 

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