•In this selection from the Old Xingyi Manual, details on the graduated practice of Xingyi’s first solo routine, Jun Tui Lianhuan Quan, are examined. Enjoy!•


(1) Mixed Five Phases Boxing Method, connected around & made up of the ability to Advance & Retreat, brilliant, unusual, & variegated, it’s style is always interlocked, yet it’s Advancing & Retreating aren’t fixed. It’s old name is Advancing Retreating Interlocking Fist Form, nowadays it’s simply called Interlocking Fist Form.


(2) Interlocking Boxing Method, uses Five Phases Boxing Method as the mother, therefore Five Phases Boxing Method is its initial step, too; with Interlocking Boxing Method, it’s also Advance & Retreat, too. It’s method is commonly up to ten forms, Advancing & Retreating every half step, causing it’s range to be somewhat small, therefore there is the Drawing out Length Method, so it isn’t really small. In the Drawing out Length Method, don’t turn around at the Smashing Fist form, add on a second section, going back & forth until as many extra forms are counted as needed.


(3) The Boxing Method uses Application on propose, Interlocking Fist is able to interlink, Five Phases Fist is capable of being applied, grasping it’s a fist. Extending its a palm, therefore it’s alternate name was Interlocking Palm, both use bare handed application. Regardless of whether Saber, Spear, Sword, or Stick, in all cases having the ability to Stab, Chop, Hack, & Strike, considering the applications, these all use the hand patterns’ variations. Therefore, all kinds of weapons are ok to include without omission, following the variations to skillfully strike.

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