Here’s another selection from the Old Xingyi Manual. Enjoy!•


Yong Li/Perpetual Force: unvarying use over a long period of time, as if opening a bow properly. 

Fān Li/Reverse Force: suddenly everything changes, as if unstringing a bow properly (Softness contained in the midst of Hardness).

She Li/Absorbing Force: pulling it in close, as the right hand pulls a bowstring properly (breathing changes the Jin).

Ju Li/Repelling Force: pushing it away to make distance, neither Hard nor Soft entering, as the left hand grasps the bow properly.

Zong Li/Gathering Force: the ability to open repeatedly, as the flag pole shaft relies on being able to point properly. 

Zhe Li/Breaking Force: the ability to divide items into sections, as if chopped by a sharpened blade inclined properly. 

Zhuan Li/ Turning Force: endless mutual exchange, as in using a pulley block properly. 

Rui Li/Acute Force: a crooked yet capable person, as in using a screw properly. 

Su Li/Quick Force: going back & forth flying quickly, as in a drum & zither vibrating properly. 

Dong Li/Moving Force: blocking, overpowering, & quickly dispersing, as in gossamer threads cutting off motion properly. 

Ning Li/Twisting Force: two sections in mutual opposition, as in completing the winding of threads around the guide line of a rope properly. 

Chao Li/Surpassing Force: instantly passing & drawing near, as in bending a steel bar & making it stand out. 

Gou Li/Hooking Force: deeply opposing until concealed, like a repressing a fish in the line, sometime seizing, sometime giving free reign properly. 

Ji Li/Inciting Force: strong, unusually strident rising, as in the swelling of wind & waves, suddenly rising, suddenly falling properly. 

Tan Li/Elastic Force: suddenly rising to strike with Depressing, no obstacle one cannot overcome, as in firing a crossbow dart & having the dart penetrate correctly. 

Jue Li/Bursting Force: breaking off just before the moment when intention is established without showing concern for the missed opportunity, as if a sword point with an edge defect must worry about the sword body breaking. 

Pian Li/Oblique Force: not low, yet high, not orderly, but appearing level, therefore it already resides in heaviness, as in a pestle grinding properly. 

Ping Li/Level Force: not low, yet not high, a proper dose is calming, therefore breathing is the thing to strive for, as in hanging a weight properly. 

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