•Instructional Songs on the Five Fists, from the Old Xingyi Manual. Enjoy!•

劈拳歌訣/Pi Quan Ge Jue – Chopping Fist Song


Both hands gather, both hands drill, mutually connected by Qi, rising inhale, falling exhale, isn’t unimportant. Change the Bones, Change the Muscles, & Wash the Marrow, the legs Stamp, the hands Chop, & One Qi circulates.

鑽拳歌訣/Zuan Quan Ge Jue – Drilling Fist Song


Drilling Fist’s source is Earth overturning Heaven, Upper & Lower Connected Strike is an authentic technique. Left & Right are the same, transforming according to your will, collect when inhaling, emit when exhaling, the Jin harmonizes with the Dan.

崩拳歌訣/Beng Quan Ge Jue – Smashing Fist Song


Smashing Fist belongs to Wood, it’s quickness is like an arrow, launching the whole against a One Cùn Pellet. Following up in favorable variations is the Following Method’s Application, Turning Body Raise the Foot & Climb the Tree.

炮拳歌訣/Pao Quan Ge Jue – Pounding Fist Song


Pounding Fist first walks like a Tiger Jumping a Stream, both hands chop down & wrap as if Searching a Mountain. Drill & Smash in the midst of a Transforming Strike, raise the anus to solidify the abdomen & Water will extinguish Fire.

橫拳歌訣/Heng Quan Ge Jue – Crossing Fist Song


Crossing Fist’s outgoing hand resembles an iron beam, Crossing has Straight Crossing concealed within. Left & Right Penetrate & Wrap respond accordingly, Receiving Pattern Retreat Step Crossing’s Jin should be firm.

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