Strategy is an essential field of study for all areas of life. The material presented here, The Thirty six Stratagems, is a widely known compendium of basic Strategy’s that have been popular in China for years.

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Six times six is thirty six, calculations exist within techniques, techniques exist within calculations. Yin & Yang harmonize, the mechanism is located within emptiness. This mechanism should not be displayed, if displayed it won’t hit the mark.

•勝戰計/Sheng Zhan Ji – Victorious Battle Stratagems•


瞞天過海/Man Tian Guo Hai – Decieve Heaven to Cross the Sea

圍魏救趙/Wei Wei Jiu Zhao – Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao

借刀殺人/Jie Dao Sha Ren – Borrow a Knife to Kill a Person

以逸待勞/Yi Yi Dai Lao – Wait at Ease for an Exhausted Enemy

趁火打劫/Chen Huo Da Jie – Loot a Burning House

聲東擊西/Sheng Dong Ji Xi – Threaten the East, Strike the West


•敵戰計/Dí Zhan Ji – Engaging Battle Stratagems•


無中生有/Wu Zhong Sheng You – Create Something From Nothing

暗渡陳倉/An Du Chen Cang – Secretly Cross to Chen Cang

隔岸觀火/Ge An Guan Huo – Watch the Fire on the Other Shore

笑裡藏刀/Xiao Li Cang Dao – Hide a Knife Behind a Smile

李代桃僵/Li Dai Tao Jiang – The Plum Withers instead of the Peach

順手牽羊/Shun Shou Qian Yang – Lead Away a Goat in Passing


•攻戰計/Gōng Zhan Ji – Attacking Battle Stratagems•


打草驚蛇/Da Cao Jing She – Beat the Grass to Startle the Snake

借屍還魂/Jie Shi Huan Hun – Borrow a Corpse to Reincarnate

調虎離山/Diao Hu Li Shan – Lead the Tiger Out of the Mountains

欲擒故縱/Yu Qin Gu Zong – To Capture, First Release

拋磚引玉/Pao Zhuan Yin Yu – Throw out a Brick to Attract Jade

擒賊擒王/Qin Zei Qin Wang – Seize the Bandits by Seizing the Leader


•混戰計/Hun Zhan Ji – Muddled Battle Stratagems•


釜底抽薪/Fu Di Chou Xin – Steal the Firewood Beneath the Pot

混水摸魚/Hun Shui Mo Yu – Trouble the Water to Catch Fish

金蟬脫殼/Jin Chan Tuo Qiao – Golden Cicada Sheds it’s Shell

關門捉賊/Guan Men Zhuo Zei – Bar the Door to Catch a Thief

遠交近攻/Yuan Jiao Jin Gong – Befriend the Far, Attack the Near

假道伐虢/Jia Dao Fa Guo – Borrow a Path to Conquer Guo


•並戰計/Bing Zhan Ji – Combined Battle Stratagems•


偷梁換柱/Tou Liang Huan Zhu -Steal the Beam, Replace the Pillar

指桑罵槐/Zhi Sang Ma Huai – Point at the Mulberry, Curse the Locust

假癡不癲/Jia Chī Bu Dian – Feigned Madness Isn’t Crazy

上屋抽梯/Shang Wu Chou Ti – Climb to the Roof, Remove the Ladder

樹上開花/Shu Shang Kai Hua – Deck the Tree with Fake Blossoms

反客為主/Fan Ke Wei Zhu – Reverse Guest & Host


•敗戰計/Bai Zhan Ji – Losing Battle Stratagems•


美人計/Mei Ren Ji – Beauty Stratagem

空城計/Kong Cheng Ji – Empty City Stratagem

反間計/Fan Jian Ji – Dissention Stratagem

苦肉計/Ku Rou Ji – Self Harm Stratagem

連環計/Lian Huan Ji – Interlocking Stratagems

走為上計/Zuo Wei Shang Ji – Running is the Best Stratagem